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Heyo! Welcome to ZAPZ!
Heyo! Welcome to ZAPZ!

welcome to the wonderful world of Zapz,

a world (kinda like quora) where you can speak you’re mind! Feel free to post and ask and answer questions! I would love you’re feedback of the site, so don’t be afraid to DM me! Spam is looked down upon, and I will not tolerate any form of bullying/hate/pedos. So yeah. LOVE ALL U GUYS! 

I am not giving out verification or the little boxes next to the name. Please don’t ask.

It wouldn’t be fair if random members got to have little tags, so I have made the descision to delete all the tags on everyone, except for members of the development team. Thanks for you’re understanding.


I am open to suggestions about this site and any feedback.

Also, Check out Fen!


PEACE! ~Ari~

bigdady liked 5 months ago
Just wanted to say, I’m working on the final version of this website from scratch, and here’s some progress (this source code is not made for reproduction, thanks!) P.S. it doesn’t work yet, so don’t sign up on this one!... (More)
work followed 6 months ago
Just an announcement. In the suggestion space, please keep in mind that this website is basically a prototype and isn’t finised yet. It is going to be buggy, and it is going to have issues. Prototypes aren’t made to be... (More)

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