Just an announcement.

In the suggestion space, please keep in mind that this website is basically a prototype and isn’t finised yet. It is going to be buggy, and it is going to have issues. Prototypes aren’t made to be perfect, and since this is pretty much a rough draft it won’t ever be complete. The final website is set to release in late 2022/early 2023 and I am working on getting a team of developers to help the workload, as it is a lot of HARD work to create a fully functioning social media website. It takes many languages of code, and a lot of time and effort so please be patient. But for now, this is the place! After the final website is released, I will be migrating all the active accounts on here to the new site. So be on the lookout!

If you have any suggestions or have knowledge in code, please message me! I’d love to add you to my team of developers.

If you are interested in joining the developing team, it would have to be voluntary at first as I don’t make enough to pay 10-30 people. Soon enough I can try to get a grant or some sort of funding to help pay you guys, but that would take some time. But if you are interested in joining the team, you would get

* A cut in the finances once the site is up and running
* Verified user status
* A developer tag next to your user profile
* Special access to certain things on the site
* You’re name on the board of creators page
* a chance to learn more about web development
* Chances to add YOUR OWN little touches to the website

If you are interested, or want to learn more, feel free to message me! My DMS are open!

Have a great day!